The CUSP Trial:
A Youth Mental Health Study

The PreVenture program will be offered to grade 10 students from participating schools in British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario.

The Study will reach thousands of youth across Canada over the span of 3 years.

The Study

The PreVenture

The Preventure program involves school-based group life-skills workshops for youth. Youth who take part in the workshops will have the opportunity to develop coping skills and learn how to be more mindful of their thoughts and behaviours to help them work towards achieving their goals.

Preventure has been recognized as an evidence based program by several well-respected authorities. PreVenture was tested in multiple randomized control trials in Canada, Australia, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom and continues to be part of numerous research studies around the world.
Research on the PreVenture program reports a 30-80% reduction in substance use, delayed onset of symptoms of depression and anxiety, and reduced bullying and victimization behaviours. Even students who did not take part in the workshops, but attended the schools where the workshops were implemented experienced benefits.
To learn more about the program, visit our PreVenture website!
The PreVenture program was also profiled in the
New York Times

What Youth Have to Say

"Learn how to set long term goals and channel your personality towards achieving them."
"Connect with like minded teens in a non-judgemental atmosphere."
"Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy coping strategies."
"Come away with skills to help you better manage tough situations."
"The workshops are voluntary and confidential."
"Everyone could Relate to each other, so the discussions were really good."

Youth Engagement
in our Research

We believe research on youth interventions should make conscious efforts to be youth-informed. There are many ways in which researchers can consult with youth. This study is an opportunity for you to advance science, contribute to research on youth psychology, and help improve the mental health of young people across Canada!

Joining the Study

Here you can find out more about the study and how young people can get involved!